Indiana Energy Conference



Indiana Energy Conference is a not-for-profit event.  This event is not being held to make money, but is being put forth as a public service to the community.  It is hoped that the event will be defined by the connections and networking of diverse interests, experiences, skills and personal efforts of individual participants.

Indiana Energy Conference is designed for people to explore our culture's relationship with energy. The purpose of our gathering together is to discuss our experiences, share ideas, explore action, and build community.

The event is open to anyone interested in discussing and reflecting on these important issues, and networking with others doing the same.

Inspired by the Third U.S. Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions topics may include: sustainable living, food production, population growth, modern culture, human relationships to the land and community building among many other things. You are invited to join us for several weekends of learning, connecting, sharing and doing!

The kick-off gathering begins at 1:00 PM on Saturday January 6, 2007 and meets for the following 3 Saturdays. Events will include: Several Films, DVD presentations by various speakers, discussions, networking activities and more.  See Conference Schedule Link for event details.

We expect that participants will be open-minded and passionate about their ideas. We will not tolerate abusive or harassing language, violence, discrimination, or other forms of disruption that might affect the integrity of the event or the comfort of its participants. We reserve the right to ask any participant to leave at any time if their behaviors are disruptive to the conference activities.

Suggestions for participating in a positive, constructive way:

  • When dealing with conflicting points of view, make an effort to find common areas of agreement and build on those, instead of trying to put down or disprove ideas in areas of disagreement.
  • Consider listening to the entire content and meaning of someone else's thoughts before composing your own response. Some may find that pausing for a moment allows time for each participant's words to be truly heard.
  • Say what you mean and what you feel, not just what you think others will agree with.
  • No one will be required to participate

You should not bring any alcohol, illegal drugs, or other illicit substances - the Vanity Theater prohibits possession of these things on its property. Also there is no smoking anywhere inside the theater.