Indiana Energy Conference

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is this conference affiliated with The Community Solution?

A: Indiana Energy Conference has been created independently -- but with support of The Community Solution ( ). It is not necessarily sponsored or endorsed by The Community Solution. However, the organizers of are in contact with the directors of the Community Solution and are working to coordinate efforts accordingly.

Q: Can I contribute to

A: If you're interested in making a contribution to the efforts behind the Indiana Energy Conference, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Presenting at the Conference
    If you would like to do a presentation at one of the "Show and Tell" events, or have an idea for a particular session or presentation, send e-mail to with your ideas and proposal. We'll contact you in order to see if your ideas can be worked into the event.
  2. Spreading the Word is Great!
    One of the biggest challenges we face is just reaching people! Tell people about the conference!!!
  3. Money is Good
    Organizing events and supporting the Indiana Energy Conference takes time and financial resources. To date all time and efforts that have gone into organizing the conference are "out of pocket".

    For more information contact:
    Frank Cicela
    1205 E Elmore St
    Crawfordsville, IN 47933
    765 364 7332
  4. Anything Else is Wonderful
    If you have some skill, service, product, or thought that you think might benefit us or related efforts, then we're excited to have your support. Just send us an e-mail and let us know what you have in mind.

Q: Is the Vanity Theater accessible to the disabled?

A: The Vanity Theater is accessible to the disabled.  There are no stairs to navigate and several seats at the front and rear of the theater have been removed to accomodate wheel chairs.

Q: Why Crawfordsville, Indiana for an Energy Conference?

A: Several (of many) no particular order:

*) This 'cookie cutter' conference has been designed to be a 'canned event.'  It can be passed onto anyone interested in hosting a similar gathering in their community.  Do you want to host this event in Indianapolis, Evansville, Fort Wayne, LaPort or Richmond, Indiana?  Secure a venue/event particulars and the website can be updated accordingly.

*) It is hoped that this conference will foster long lasting and robust community connections among west central Indiana residents.

*) Crawfordsville is central to Indianapolis, Lafayette, Greencastle, Terre Haute, Danville, Il.

Q: What are you selling?

A: We're not selling anything, we're not pushing any particular way of looking at the world. Our goal is to bring people together to peacefully and openly discuss relevant issues that affect our lives, our understanding of the past, and our future. Whatever background you are from, we're sure you'll find the event stimulating and worthwhile if you are willing to participate in an open-minded way.

Q: I'm skeptical. You haven't really given me the details I want - what can I do?

A: Please feel free to send an e-mail to and let us know what's on your mind - we're happy to try to answer any questions you have. If you'd like to talk to us on the phone instead, that's fine too, just send an e-mail letting us know that would be helpful.